Cactus Hand Sanitizer (Gel type) - 500ml


"Safe and rinse-free hand sanitizer in fresh lemon scent"


√ Product Description

U.S.A FDA / OTC registeration with Ethanol in Food grade.

⊙ Transparent gel that kill germs and bacteria 99.9%

⊙ Contains 60% alcohol. Safe for kids.

⊙ Cactus extract keeps your hand moisturizing and soft.

⊙ Citrus scent from natural lemon oil.

⊙ Highly moisturizing, non-sticky and non-greasy.

⊙ Fast absorption rate.


√ How to Use

Apply on palm and rub hands together until full absorbed.

No rinse required.

Yadah pump type 500ml - 24 pcs



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